In 2000, Fabric Indulgence was born. It began as a retail shop in rural Fort Bragg, California, on the beautiful Mendocino Coast. The shop was tiny but colorful. Stuffed full of fabrics, ribbons, trims and supplies to create art on textiles. Necessity dictated a cyberstore be built, which grew and grew, making the store front in our tiny town obsolete. They say necessity is the mother of invention, in this case it was the mother of intention. Provide fine fabrics and quality sewing supplies to a global customer market. Word spread, reputation grew, word-of-mouth proved indespensable. Now I seek the fabrics from far and wide, traveling to the opposite ends of the earth for culturally significant fibers.

Take an  adventure! Come with me to see how the worlds finest fabrics come from, how they are made, and who buys and sells the finest textiles on the globe. I have been lucky enough to begin various adventures around the globe and my interest in textiles is fuel for the travel bug. My goal is to document the manufacture, sale and use of fabrics, ribbons and hand made decor from both indigenous and modern materials.